How Are They Installed?

Are you looking for high-quality loft ladders to complement your loft conversions construction? Are you searching for top-of-the-line loft ladders that will be both functional and durable?How are they installed You are in the right place; we have the right loft ladder that will meet your taste and wallet.

When choosing loft ladders for your loft conversions, it is essential that you select the ladder that will serve the purpose, fit in the space and be reliable so as not to turn to a disaster later. If you are unsure about the type of loft ladders to select, you can contact us for advice.

Loft ladders are the means to access your loft, and you cannot be too careful to choose the perfect ladder. Although buying a loft ladder may seem an afterthought, they are more important than you could think. Buying the cheapest ladder on the market may not be the right thing to do without considering the necessary factors about your loft, where to place your ladder and the quality of the loft ladder.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Loft Ladder

When selecting a loft ladder, you have to ensure that the loft ladder will be used for the conditions it is designed for. The questions below will help you in coming up with the right loft ladders for your loft.

1. How often do you intend to use it?

2. How many people will be using it?

3. What are your weight and the weight limits of the loft ladders?

4. What is the static load?

5. What is the size of the loft ladder fitting?

Types Of Loft Ladder
We have an extensive collection of loft ladders and loft ladders accessories from top manufacturers such as Telesteps, Werner, Timloc, YOUNGMAN, Manthorpe, Hambleside Danelaw, Abru, Fakro, Glidevale and Midmade. We assure you of the best quality at reasonable prices. We have different types of loft ladders made with various materials as indicated below.
Types Of Loft Ladder
Types Of Loft Ladder


1. Steel
2. Aluminium
3. Timber

Loft ladders are an important part of loft conversions construction because they are the link to the loft. Meanwhile, it is crucial to say that loft ladder fitting requires expertise in order to prevent a disaster in the home. You may be a lover of DIY but when it comes to loft ladder fitting you do not want to take any risks. As a result, hiring an experienced and trusted construction company for your loft ladder fitting is a smart decision you can take.

Regardless, the information below explains how loft ladders are installed at home to complete the construction of loft conversions.

How Loft Ladders Are Installed

Important Warnings:

1. Loft ladders are not permanent stairs; they should not be used by pets and anyone below 16 years old.

2. Ensure to buy the right ladder considering the loft’s height and the ladder’s minimum and maximum heights, and ceiling heights keeping in mind that the ladder will fold up when not in use.

3. Do not exceed the maximum load indicated on the packaging of the ladder.

4. Do not attempt to use the loft ladder until it has been completely installed.

Tools for the Job

Here are the correct tools for the job; you cannot afford to improvise for safety purposes.

1. Pencil
2. Tape measure
3. Drill and 2mm, 3mm and 13mm wood drill bits
4. Sharp point Bradawl
5. 17 mm spanner
6. 2x 8mm spanner
7. Phillips screw driver
8. Wood glue (is optional)

Types Of Loft Ladder
Types of Loft Ladder

Installation Procedures

Step 1: Remove the end caps that are placed on the back of the ladder and slide on the pivot bar stops. Assemble the pivot bar and slot the sliders into the pivot bar rod.
Step 2: Fix handrail to both sides the loft ladder on
Step 3: Extend the ladder carefully
Step 4: Fit the pivot bar
Step 5: Set the pitch of the ladder and fix top pivot bar stops. Ensure that the ladder stands at the correct angle (65-80 degrees)
Step 6: Fix the retaining bars using 2X18m screws
Step 7: Push the ladder into the loft by hand and insert the stowing pole into the bottom. Slide in the second pivot bar and tighten with a screwdriver when the pivot bars meet.

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